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Dare to travel the absurd and dangerous Orion Trail, where only the luckiest, bravest, and most stubborn captains will make it all the way to the end. Come face the terrible and weird Synapsion Brain Beast. Cower before the pedantic might of Baxxtor the Instructor. Submit to the overwhelming cuteness of the three eyed Warp Weasel. Become famously incredible or incredibly dead!

Ultra Cool Space Features

  • A high-stakes and hilarious journey through the strange, stupid and terrifying locales of the Orion Trail!
  • Choose your crew, name them after your friends, and watch them die! Heroically! Or, you know, maybe they'll survive. Anything can happen!
  • Tons of random encounters, each with a variety of options and outcomes. You'll probablynever encounter the same thing twice! You might, though.
  • Away Missions! Send an Officer (with a few of your invaluably expendable Redshirts) into the fray. The rewards are great, but so is the risk…
  • Carefully manage your Resources: Food, Fuel, Hull, and Redshirts. Curse loudly as they're whittled away.
  • Play to your strengths! Each captain, and officer provide different bonuses to increase your chances of success.
  • Succumb to the chaos of the Probability Drive. You can rely on your Crew's abilities, but there are no certainties in space.
  • Chiptune soundtrack by Rainbow Kitten.
  • Gorgeous retro pixel art.
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Oct 12, 2015
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(98 total ratings)
AuthorSchell Games
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
TagsComedy, Management, Mouse only, Parody, Pixel Art, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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Orion Trail - Windows (v2015_12_17_85) 58 MB
Orion Trail - Mac (v2015_12_17_85) 68 MB
Orion Trail - Linux (v2015_12_17_85) 69 MB
(Old) Orion Trail - Windows (v2015_11_6_79) 57 MB
(Old) Orion Trail - Mac (v2015_11_6_79) 68 MB
(Old) Orion Trail - Linux (v2015_11_6_79) 69 MB


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Any chance we can get a working version on Quest, the GearVR version I attempted to sideload did not work although some other GearVR apk's will work.

I like this. The flavor text really makes it work. Although, I will say that it was a bit odd I chose to save the crew of a fuel tanker in an asteroid field and got food (instead of the promised crew) as a reward. I guess they were a particularly tasty species?

This game is absolutely fantastic. As a child I frequently played Oregon Trail at school and I'm a huge Trek fan, so I am the perfect demographic for this -- but I still think this would be enjoyable with anyone who loves quirky humor and tabletop-esque storytelling.


I got this as part of a bundle - and quickly became enamored of it.  Really fun, precise game.  I left a review - is it possible to get a steam key so I can leave one there as well? 

Ironically this game kept popping up in my reccomendations and now I see why.  Fast to play, great look, classic gameplay - but with a lot of good strategy and tradeoff elements.

This game looks great, but it doesn't accept PayPal like some of the other games on itch.io. :(


A funny game with some great art. The main game play is pretty much a slot machine paired with fun text and great sprite work. There is some degree of choice with events sprinkled around so RNG isn't too bad. I would recommend a play if you got an hour to spare.

Thanks, bix1521! What happens in space, doesn't necessarily stay in space; but, we'll take those odds. AND the compliments.

Great art, fun and funny!

PapitoMyKing, you're a star. And trust us, we know all about stars. Our game takes place in space. (Write what you know, and all that!)

Thanks for the praise.

Does this build work in VR?

Great question, adil3tr. There is indeed a VR version of Orion Trail. Unfortunately, this is not that version. But, we still think it's pretty cool.

If the idea of traversing the Orion Trail in virtual reality tickles your fancy, you can get the VR version over on the Oculus Store for Rift or Gear.

Rift -- https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1406167286077784/

Gear --

Holy cow, we're having a blast playing this game. We got it via the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and we started a youtube channel just to play these games... this is my favorite game so far. This game is hilarious and fun and  really well done. 


Included the link in case you wanted to see your game on youtube. :) 

All of the thanks, dauphie! We're so glad you enjoyed your experience with Orion Trail and appreciate you sharing your space logs (and burgers) with us here. Not only is our game hilarious, fun, and well done -- but so was your playthrough, Bingie Gingies. 

Just as difficult to stay alive as in Oregon Trail, but way more fun because of the scifi/space theme! Really enjoyed playing this-- I've died three times so far.

Salutations, tozka!

We love hearing you think Orion Trail is out of this world! You know what they say: Die once, try again. Die three times, keep trying. Die a fourth time, well... you'll get it eventually. Keep aiming for the stars!

I don't really feel I can write a review of Orion Trail without at least mentioning the trauma of playing Oregon Trail back in hs. It's amazing the attachments humans will make, and that was back on a Apple 2e with a floppy drive and green CRT screen. I hated it when family members died, and they always would. Orion Trail picks up all these years later in outer space as the captain of a Galaxy Force ship. There's a lot of similarity in gameplay, and both are intended as educational aides (don't run with scissors, don't travel west by wagon), but I think Orion Trail strikes a new balance for me with inside jokes and the blessed lightness of humor. Still, it can get a bit dicey at times, and I found myself flashing back to the movie U-571 and how heavy the mantle of leadership can be. (10/10) Ten clams at Itch dot io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Greetings, ancientsunlight!

Ah! I'm so glad to see you've taken away one of the most valuable lessons from Orion Trail: running with scissors is indeed dangerous! We certainly appreciate the clams, and hope you continue to enjoy that nostalgia.

Nice game. While the gameplay is a bit on the shallow end, the art and writing more than make up for it.


Thank you, MasterProject!

It can be pretty difficult swimming in space... but we're glad to hear you liked our jokes and sweet, sweet pixel art!

(4 edits)

Typo in the instructions: "Each Redshirt will will..."

Also "The Captain": "How will this standoff will end?" I can provide screenshots as need be since Itch seems to not be having it today.

EDIT: Actually, I found half a dozen typos. If this game is still taking updates, I'd be happy to send them all over.


Hellow KeronCyst,

Well, well, will. You noticed! We're terribly sorry about those few little hiccups. Personally, I blame the Redshirts. Our star logs have already been transmitted, so unfortunately, we can't promise any updates at this time.

It's so good!

No, AudreyHeartburn: YOU'RE so good!

this looks like fun! will there be a version that will run on the current MacOS?

(1 edit)

PSA: The current version works but unfortunately there is a bug (i think with Itch io) where a spesific file needed to make applications work is set as a text file instead of an executable I found this in some other games here is a short guide I made for anyone who wants it

credit to @jeremychu for this as this is just a streamlined version of what he says to do without so much terminal use

Note: The chmod +x command modifies the file and tells your mac that it is supposed to be executed like an app instead of read like a text file. The file we are modifying is the one the app uses to launch but it is not properly marked as executable so thats all we are doing here.  

step 1: find the app in finder

Step 2: Right click or ctrl click on app and click show package contents

step 3: the last step should bring up a folder labeled "Contents" within that open the "MacOS" folder you should see a file labeled something like Orion Trail the icon should look like a white peace of paper

Step 4 open terminal and type "chmod +x "(note the space after x) drag the file we just found into the terminal window and then hit enter it should look something like this [chmod +x stuff/stuff/stuff/stuff/Orion Trail] 

Step 5 The file should turn black and have the terminal icon this means its fixed navigate back to where you started on step 1 open the file like a normal itch io game and enjoy

If you dont know how to open it or its not working after this the next steps are for you otherwise your done.

Step 6 right click on app and click open it will give you a popup that this is downloaded from the internet hit "ok"

Step 7 right click again and click open it will give you another popup. click "open" on the popup.

Wow, maxybaer123! That's a lot of detailed steps! Are you an asteroid? Cause you rock!

We're really sorry you couldn't get the game to work on the current MacOS, moehong. Unfortunately, our scanners don't pick up any major updates coming to the game anytime soon... I blame the Redshirts.
With that said, hopefully maxybaer123's little guide can help in the meantime.

You're a gem among commenters. Thank you!