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This is an early prototype build of the game!

What is this?

In Orion Trail, you play as a starship Captain, and you must make the tough decisions that one faces along the Orion Trail.

Your goal is to, well, survive. You'll encounter a variety of strange, stupid and terrifying things on your journey, and it's up to you to ensure that your ship and crew make it to the end.

However, this game is just a prototype! If you liked what you played, back us on Kickstarter so we can make the full thing!

screenshot 1 screenshot 2 screenshot 4

Install instructions

After you download one of the builds, unzip the folder and run the Unity Executable.

If you run into any issues, contact me at dbennett [at] schellgames [dot] com


OrionTrail_Windows_12115.zip 78 MB
OrionTrail_Mac_12115.zip 79 MB
OrionTrail_Linux_12115.zip 80 MB